Aluminium and UPVC windows and doors

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We manufacture high quality window and door solutions, according to your needs!

Aluminum doors and windows

Debalu's Aluminum windows are developed to address specific design requirements, not as a low-cost alternative to other material options. As a result, Debalu's Aluminum windows have the flexibility to suit a multitude of projects ranging from custom homes to light commercial applications.

Custom designed glass walls

Whether you are an architect or a constuctor, looking to create unique glass facades and wall structures, we have the expertize to provide you with a solution.

Custom designed curtain walls

Debalu's aluminium curtain walling offers a range of aesthetical solutions, such as different styles of face caps from horizontal to vertical lining, to a more minimalistic look using structural glazing or clamping technologies.

Custom designed glass roofs

Roof windows, skylights and customized roof glazing are becoming more and more attractive for a number of reasons. They are increasing daylight penetration, visibility of surrounding landscapes or the sky during day and night, improving the well-being of your family, visitors, employees and customers.

Custom designed conservatories

If you are looking at expanding your home and creating a new dimension, then you should consider our all glass modern style of conservatories. Our particular contemporary designs allow you to create a classic look whilst creating a luxurious feel to your home.

UPVC doors and windows

In the field of UPVC doors and windows, we are now able to provide our customers with every direction and mode of opening, whether it’s hung, hung-tilt, tilt-turn, relay winged, case split, tilt-sliding, folding door or lift-slide mechanism.

About us

A bit of our history

Debalu2000 Ltd. is the leading manufacturing company of aluminum and UPVC door and window solutions in the North-Eastern Region of Hungary. Debalu2000 Ltd. was founded in December 2003, so it’s operation goes back to more than a decade now. When established, the company was solely specializing in the production of high quality aluminum doors and windows, custom walls, curtain walls, conservatories and glass roofs.

Since our company’s business policy is centered around catering all the needs of our customers, while complying to the highest technical and quality standards as well, we are not only prepared to produce unique or standard design doors and windows, curtain walls, glass roofs and facade structures, but on customer request, our skilled staff is ready to implement our products on site.

The year 2013 marked an important turning point in the company’s life, when we carried out our first comprehensive innovative product development project, with the goal of better adapting to the market needs. Following an extensive infrastructural development period, we began the production of UPVC doors and windows in addition to our aluminum product line. The Company's customers list is apprehensive, involving both Hungarian and international companies, public and private bodies and natural persons as well.

In the field of UPVC doors and windows, we are now able to provide our customers with every direction and mode of opening, whether it’s hung, hung-tilt, tilt-turn, relay winged, case split, tilt-sliding, folding door or lift-slide mechanism.

Our production plant is EMI certified, our product lines are CE certified, which serve to demonstrate our full compliance with all relevant ISO quality standards.

Besides ensuring full compliance with the prevailing construction and manufacturing standards, we are constantly improving our products so that their thermal and acoustic insulation values, water and air tightness qualities, safety load-bearing capabilities are geared towards satisfying the ever-evolving market needs. This way we guarantee that our window and door systems can meet even the highest end-user expectations in terms of safety, energy efficiency, comfort and cost-value ratio.


Works we are proud to present

  • Fórum Shopping Mall, Debrecen Fórum Shopping Mall, Debrecen
  • High Court of Justice, debrecen High Court of Justice, Debrecen
  • Csapó Street Office Building, Debrecen Csapó Street Office Building, Debrecen
  • City Sports Hall, Dabas City Sports Hall, Dabas
  • Hotel Lycium, Debrecen Hotel Lycium, Debrecen
  • Kölcsey Conference Center, Debrecen Kölcsey Conference Center, Debrecen
  • Coloplast Production Plant, Nyírbátor Coloplast Production Plant, Nyírbátor
  • Bath of Makó Bath of Makó
  • Pharmapolis, Debrecen Pharmapolis, Debrecen
  • Swimming Center, Debrecen Swimming Center, Debrecen


You can reach us via the following contacts


HU-4030 Debrecen, Borzán Gáspár str. 12.



+36 (52) 413-346

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